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Fat Talk & The Impact on Trans Persons

By: Ash Easton {she/him/theirs}

On Monday, October 31st, the health center put on an event called Podcasts & Pumpkins, where they played podcasts that were body image positivity centered. One of the podcasts in specific, Vivienne McMaster’s Be Your Own Beloved, spoke about body image problems within the LGBTQIQAP+ community but more specifically within the Trans/ Gender Non-conforming community. The transgender community as a whole is more likely to experience body image related disorders (STATS). Because of this, coupled with the negative stigma that surrounds the community as well, trans people are more likely to commit suicide. In this way committing to being “Fat Talk Free,” as the Health Center so accurately has coined, helps your trans siblings and creates a more positive environment for everyone.

In recognition of Trans Day of Remembrance, as well as, the many trans persons who have lost their life over the past couple of weeks, I’d also like to speak on body image issues that stem from dysphoria and the stigma that “trans-ness” has to look a certain way. Even cis-gender people have the pressure to look a certain way, but trans people get that extra layer of being pressured to conform to societal standards. As a nonbinary trans person myself, I have been able to use stereotypes of how a man “should” look or how a woman “should” look in order to pass, and honestly I shouldn’t have to. Curves, stretch marks, body hair, acne and scars are universal regardless of gender. Makeup, dresses, nail polish, and clothes are genderless; wear what you are comfortable with and respect others clothing decisions. Humans as a whole have flaws and I feel that the first step to changing our world is to recognize that. I myself had to realize over the past year that as long as I’m comfortable, what I wear doesn’t determine my gender; I am the only one that feels and experiences my gender every day and I get the ultimate say on how I express that.


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