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What Would You Do?

What would you do in these situations described below? Some individuals feel comfortable speaking up in difficult situations, while others might not know how to do so in a way that will help maintain their relationship with the person. Standing up to family, friends, classmates, professors, or strangers can each bring their own specific challenges. I encourage you to think about these situations, discuss them, and post a response that you feel is the best possible way to respond!

Scenario 1: You are speaking with someone about a lesbian couple you know who just had their second child, and they say to you “You know, I have a hard time with gay people having kids. I think children need the influence of both genders – they need a mother and a father.” How would you respond to a comment like this, especially if you wanted to challenge one’s thinking about LGBTQIQAP+ families? 

Scenario 2: A class is talking about the military, and someone raises the issue of whether “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was a good policy. A male student says “Look, I’m in the military and when I’m in a foxhole with another guy, I don’t want to be worried about what he’s thinking, if you know what I mean.” How would you respond to this student about LGBTQIQAP+ individuals in the military?

Scenario 3: At a family dinner, a family member says they heard a speaker in a class talking about LGBTQIQAP+ issues. Your family member says “Look, i think they should have rights and all, but I still think it’s immoral to be ‘that way’ – we all know that God condemns that kind of lifestyle.” How would you respond to this comment, especially if you wanted to challenge your family members’ idea about religion and LGBTQIQAP+ people? 

Scenario 4: You are at the grocery store, and you overhear a conversation where someone uses “gay” in an explicitly derogatory way towards someone else. You turn towards them to find out who is saying this. How would you respond if you found out this person was a friend of yours? An acquaintance of yours? A complete stranger? 

Scenario 5: You are hanging out with your white gay friend Brian at a karaoke night. Beyonce comes on and Brian says, “Yaaaas, this song just channels my inner black woman!” You say, ” but, you’re white!” He responds, “I can say stuff like that because I’m gay.” How would you respond to Brian, especially if you want to bring up the idea of collective liberation? 

Scenario 6: You are talking to your brother-in-law about your female friend who is bisexual and he says, “bisexual chicks are so hot!” How can you respond to your bother-in-law, especially if you want to challenge his ideas about myths and stereotypes about bisexual people? 

*The above scenarios were provided by the Minnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance*


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