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What is Lavender Graduation?

Graduation is right around the corner!

You may have been seeing posts and hearing talk about Lavender Graduation and wondering, “Wait, why is there a different graduation ceremony? Am I invited? Who is this for?” If you’ve never heard of Lavender Graduation, do not fret, you’re not alone.┬áLinked below are some websites that explain the history and significance of this ceremony. James Madison University is one of many universities across the nation that hosts this event and brings recognition to┬áthe members and allies of the LGBTQIQAP+ community.

Check out what the Human Rights Campaign has to say about Lav Grad!

Texas A&M’s LGBTQ+ community had some push back when they decided to host their first Lav Grad in 2014. Read about it here.

Virginia Commonwealth University holds a Lavender Graduation too! Read an article about their 2016 ceremony.


JMU LGBTQ+ & Ally Education Program’s 11th Annual Lavender Graduation Ceremony

Join us May 5th at 10:30am for the JMU Lavender Graduation Ceremony! Our Facebook event with more details is located here!

Graduating and want to participate in the ceremony? Fill out this form!


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