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Welcome to our resource page! We hope that the resources on this page will be helpful to you. If there is other information you would like to see placed on this page, please let us know by sending us a comment or writing to us at jmulgbta@gmail.com. We would be happy to research and provide other helpful resources.

(This page is currently under construction. Please check back periodically for more information).

Coming Out

Transgender Access at JMU



Rooming assignments within JMU’s student housing system have traditionally been made on the basis of the legal sex of the student. For some members of our community, this has created a dilemma – while their legal sex may be male or female, their gender identity may be different than that which has been legally assigned to them.

If you identify as a transgendered student, and require a special housing accommodation, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Each request will be reviewed with a commitment to providing a housing accommodation that best meets the need of the student. Housing options may be limited during the semester due to space availability. If you feel unsafe in your current housing situation, always tell an RA or Hall Director.

Safe Zone

This picture is of an upside down rainbow triangle. The symbol denotes safe spaces on campus.

When you see this symbol, you can feel safe coming out or being out in this space on JMU’s campus.

Safe Zone is a voluntary network of faculty and staff who believe that every member of the university community should have an equal opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and open environment. When you see the safe zone sticker, you know you are entering a safe place where you can feel comfortable coming and being out, or sharing what’s on your mind.

For more information about becoming safe zone trained visit: www.jmu.edu/safezone


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