Welcome! This is a blog by and for JMU LGBTQIQAP+ students. Check us out for stories, resources, experiences, and much more.


We’re here to serve you! If you haven’t visited our resource library space yet, please come check it out! Visit our events page for more information on programs and events to attend.

What we offer:

  • Resource Library:   We have over 1500 books and resources on all things LGBTQ+ related and more! All books are free to check out and they have no time limit on them for check out. All resources checked out of the LGBT & Ally Education Program library are kept 100% confidential. The library is a safe space where you can read and learn about most any topic of interest.
  • Movies: In addition to our resource library, we also have a collection of VHS and DVD’s available for check out. Movies are also free to check out.
  • Computers: We have three computers for your use and other desk space to study.
  • Hang Out/ Relaxation Space: Need to take a break in between classes? Stop by the program in SSC 1313 and enjoy some time with friends or a quick study session.
  • FREE Condoms: Located in the Safer Sex Center on the wall to the right as you walk into The Well.

COMING SOON! The program will soon be expanding its space. We will have nearly double the space and new furniture for everyone to enjoy. Even more exciting, the program will be open at all times that the SSC is open, even on the weekends! We will keep you updated on the progress and look forward to everyone being able to enjoy this new space.


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